Maenali System


Maenali is a binary star system with several inhabited garden worlds. These worlds form the Confederacy of Maenali, each autonomous planet sending their representatives to the Maenali parliament to govern system-wide affairs. The system has been a nearly unqualified success story, now home to close to a hundred billion people, while keeping its decentralized form of government. It is a technological and trading superpower but is now reliant on imports for many key raw materials.

The system’s planets and asteroids were previously abundant in rare metals and minerals, but these have been severely depleted by centuries of strip mining. Economists hold this a classic case of the “tragedy of commons” as the weak central government did not succeed in regulating the practice until it was too late, even as the rate of resource collection kept accelerating.

This led to a financial crash that shifted Maenali’s export economy into an import-based economy. The system government was granted new powers to negotiate trade treaties and maintain a sizable navy, mostly to safeguard trade routes against piracy and in some cases strong-arm weaker nations into offering favorable terms. Most controversially the system also adopted a single currency issued by the Maenali Central Bank.

The central government is not headquartered on one of the inhabited worlds, but on a massive space station in “neutral” space.

T3 – Slipstream mastery
E3 – Some garden worlds
R-2 – Needs imports

Maenali System

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