Act I – Domino Theory

The year is 2755 AD. Mankind has journeyed beyond the cradle of its birth, utilizing the Slipstream to explore and colonize to the far reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy.

But while the Cluster has in many ways left its mother behind, the lessons that Earth taught its children still resonate throughout. Two great galactic superpowers – the Catholic Church-backed New Eden, and the aristocratic Maenali Commonwealth – stare at each other across the endless void, each waiting for the other to blink as they circle one another, ravenous.

The last time they fought in the Great War of 2518-2521, they left devastation in their wake. Millions died. And at the end, neither side could claim a victory. Since then, they have kept an uneasy peace; but as each side grows its spheres of influence outward, other planets are being caught up in their wake, and a feeling that the dominoes are being set to fall again is difficult to escape.

You want no part in any of it. Can a person build something for themselves in the vast reaches of space, or will you, too, be inevitably swept up by the tide of history?


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