Julian Reyes

Master and Commander



Tactics +4 Great
Leadership +3 Good
Starship Operations +3 Good
Ranged Combat +2 Fair
Piloting +2 Fair
Navigation +2 Fair
Hand-to-hand Combat +1 Average
Engineering +1 Average
Logistics +1 Average
??? +1 Average


High Concept: Brilliant but embittered former naval commander

Trouble Aspect: War criminal in some jurisdictions, hero to others

Background aspect: Unfinished Business

Commander Reyes, commanding officer of HMKS Sana’a of the Royal Katabania Defense Force, quickly figured out the false flag operation carried out by the Edenite special forces.

The innocent looking merchantman having suffered a supposedly catastrophic slipstream drive failure was drifting awfully close to the static defensive installation guarding the slipstream gate to the system was indeed a Q-Ship bristling with short-range ordinance that would melt the space fortress into slag. Several actually innocent Edenite merchant ships and transports would be destroyed as well, which the central government would declare to have been a terrorist attack on citizens of New Eden.

Instead, the Sana’a opened fire.

As the advance elements of the 6th Battle Fleet of New Eden Navy rolled in to “restore order” and “conduct an investigation”, they were surprised to find themselves staring down the gun barrels of a still functional star fortress and a squadron of system defense ships.

They should have known to back out, the plan was foiled. But someone panicked.

The first battle of the Edenite invasion of Katabania was fought and resulted in roughly 90% casualties on both sides. The heavily damaged Sana’a managed to hold until relieved. And then the invasion really began, and for Reyes: a field promotion, coordinating a fighting retreat, desperate last-ditch defense of the homeworld, shielding the escape of the planetary government, and then a year long guerrilla resistance campaign, to finally the ignominious surrender of the government-in-exile.

Crossing Paths: In The Nick of Time

Hunted by the forces of New Eden, the Sana’a would on occasion run low on resources and having trouble finding a netural port to resupply. While on a resource gathering operation, Reyes’ command intercepted communications from a Neo-Spartan clandestine mission. One of the utility shuttle crews recovered the smuggler Victor marooned and left to die, and brought him on board. Victor became a reliable contact for Julian after that, helping with logistics and intelligence.

Crossing Paths again: Last Time I Made a Mistake, I Lost An Arm

During the heist operation to recover the Sana’a, Julian made a miscalculation that ended up with him losing an arm. Doctor Alicia patched him up and later set him up with a cybernetic arm that is not without its quirks. He considers it a constant remainder of his hubris.

Julian Reyes

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